Mature chatbots

Hubspot is using a chatbot to explain the recent acquisition of chatbot builder Motion AI.Third-party chatbots are popping up to help individuals who rent or sell products and services online.Connections to social media platforms make it easy to ask a bot to share for you.Chatbots can provide personalization by collecting preference data like sizes, favorite styles, and important dates like birthdays and anniversaries to send reminders.A recent study by Aspect Software, found that 71% of consumers want the ability to solve most customer service issues on their own.

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There can be a high cost for not getting this right.They can provide information about store locations and hours, and register customers for email or text message alerts to notify them when there are coupons or sales.Many chatbots currently limit the way customers interact with them.And you thought hold times on phone support were long!This illustrates a huge gap between customer expectations and brand responsiveness.

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